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Free Expression

Like the Constitution’s framers, the ACLU maintains that freedom of speech and expression, including the right to protest and petition the government, are fundamental to a democratic society. So, the ACLU of Utah is dedicated to protecting and to expanding the First Amendment freedoms of expression, association, and inquiry.

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Hate Crimes Legislation

31 December 2001 Published in Legislative Work

Van Gorden v. Utah State Fair (2001)

08 November 2001 Published in Resolved Cases

Alvarez v. State of Utah (2001)

09 January 2001 Published in Resolved Cases

Roe v. Utah County (1999)

09 March 1999 Published in Resolved Cases

Slevin v. Salt Lake County Fair (1998)

10 January 1999 Published in Resolved Cases

Weaver v. Nebo School District (1998)

10 November 1998 Published in Resolved Cases