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ACLU of Utah Statement on New Immigration Detention Facilities

27 October 2017 Published in Newsroom
U.S. Government issues RFI for new immigration detention facilities; advocates respond with information about escalating due process and civil rights violations.

Lack of Transparency Compounds Tragedy of Shooting Death of Patrick Harmon

10 October 2017 Published in Newsroom
“The shooting death of Patrick Harmon is a terrible tragedy, not just for his loved ones but for our entire community, and our elected officials must respond.” 

Voting Rights Lawsuit Over Navajo Voting Rights in San Juan County to Advance to Trial

12 September 2017 Published in Newsroom
View a PDF of this release  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 12, 2017 SALT LAKE CITY, UT — Last week, U.S. District Court Judge Jill Parrish issued a decision in Navajo Nation Human Rights Council v. San Juan County, et al, allowing the lawsuit to proceed to a trial on the merits of the plaintiffs’ claims that San Juan County is not providing effective language assistance to Navajo-speaking voters and is providing unequal voting opportunities to Navajo voters.  The plaintiffs, the Navajo Nation Human Rights Council and several individual members of the Navajo Nation, are represented by counsel from DLA Piper, the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, ACLU of Utah, and the ACLU Voting Rights Project. In the lawsuit, plaintiffs challenged San Juan County’s decision to switch to a mail-only voting system and offer in-person early voting only in the majority white part of the County.  After plaintiffs sued in early 2016, the County announced it would reopen a limited number of polling places for election day voting and in future elections.  Plaintiffs continue to assert that the County is violating the federal Voting Rights Act and the United States Constitution.Judge Parrish also granted the plaintiffs’ motion to dismiss all of the counterclaims brought by the County and Commissioner Rebecca Benally, vindicating the plaintiffs’ assertion that the counterclaims were a distraction and immaterial to the issues at the…

ACLU of Utah Statement on DACA Program Termination

05 September 2017 Published in Newsroom
“Thousands of these youth have used their DACA status to give back to our country in innumerable ways: they are our doctors, soldiers, and students. These are our neighbors, family, and friends.”

ACLU of Utah Statement on Operation Rio Grande

16 August 2017 Published in Newsroom
"In its current phase, Operation Rio Grande appears to rely on simply more of the same ineffective attempts to control the complex social issues of poverty, substance use disorder and mental illness through the same traditional mechanisms of our broken criminal justice system."

As Youth Head Back to School, New Laws for Youth Justice System

16 August 2017 Published in Newsroom
 “We want to be sure that Utah’s youth, and the adults in their lives, are aware that there are new rules about how youth are to be treated when they come into contact with the juvenile justice system.”

Don't Block Constituents on Social Media, ACLU of Utah Warns Federal Delegation

08 August 2017 Published in Newsroom
"Because your social media pages are a public forum, your blocking of these individuals is an unconstitutional restriction on their right to free speech under the First Amendment.”

ACLU of Utah Files Lawsuit Over Legal Representation for People with Disabilities

27 June 2017 Published in Newsroom
“Guardianship, like prison, takes away an individual’s freedoms."

Traveling to Texas May Result in Violations of Constitutional Rights

09 May 2017 Published in Newsroom
“Everyone has constitutional rights in this country. The state of Texas, and every law enforcement officer in that state, must respect those rights."

ACLU of Utah Files Lawsuit Demanding Information About Muslim Ban Implementation

17 April 2017 Published in Newsroom
“Customs & Border Patrol has a long history of ignoring its obligations under the federal Freedom of Information Act, a law that was enacted to ensure that Americans have timely access to information of pressing public concern.”

Statement on Salt Lake County Sheriff’s “Operational Recommendations for Rio Grande District”

03 April 2017 Published in Newsroom
Several aspects of the proposal are constitutionally suspect and could attract expensive litigation.

ACLU of Utah Files Objections to Decision in DEA Lawsuit over State Drug Database

27 March 2017 Published in Newsroom
The ACLU of Utah has filed objections to a federal magistrate judge’s recommendation to enforce a DEA subpoena seeking records from the Utah Controlled Substance Database.

ACLU of Utah to Law Enforcement Agencies: Be Wary of Involvement with ICE

23 March 2017 Published in Newsroom
“Local law enforcement cannot be forced to ignore their community priorities to participate in the federal government’s newly expanded mass deportation agenda.”

ACLU of Utah Statement on Proposed Salt Lake City Body Camera Policy

01 March 2017 Published in Newsroom
The ACLU of Utah has submitted extensive comments on Salt Lake City’s recently released “Draft Policy Regarding Release of Body Camera Footage.”

Report Shows Stark Racial Disparities in Utah’s Juvenile Justice System

10 February 2017 Published in Newsroom
The report will be publicly available on Monday, February 13, 2017.

ACLU of Utah Files FOIA on Execution of Trump’s Immigration and Refugee Ban

02 February 2017 Published in Newsroom
 The FOIA was filed as part of a coordinated campaign with 50 ACLU affiliates.

Statement On President Trump’s Executive Orders Related To Immigration And Refugees

26 January 2017 Published in Newsroom
The ACLU of Utah proudly stands with our immigrant and refugee communities to ensure their rights and freedoms under our laws and Constitution.

FINALLY: Body Camera Footage of Abdi Mohamed Shooting Released

23 January 2017 Published in Newsroom
“We consider this a victory for open government and transparency."

Victory! State Records Committee Says Shooting Footage Should Be Public

12 January 2017 Published in Newsroom
"The ACLU wants to pave the way for easier access to body camera footage for all community members in the future.”