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ACLU of Utah Announces 2011 Youth Activist Scholarship Winners

31 March 2011 Published in Youth Activist Scholarship

Utah Youth Stand Up For Their Rights and YOURS, too!

The ACLU of Utah is proud to announce the amazing winners of its 2011 Youth Activist Scholarship Awards. A selection committee composed of community leaders and volunteers reviewed qualifying candidates from across the state. Our winners were selected based on the students’ dedication to civil liberties, the challenges they have overcome, and the leadership they display. Each winner receives $1,000 towards their first year of college and were honored at our Bill of Rights Dinner on May 11.


Academy for Math, Engineering, and Science, Salt Lake City

“Often we, the youth, feel like we can’t do anything because we’re just kids. Yet, behind every movement, there are young people who are just as important as the adults. Change begins with us. As a civil libertarian activist, I envision continuing to be a voice for my community.”

Elizabeth has been active in promoting justice since junior high. She is a leader working tirelessly with MECHA and the Salt Lake DREAM Team, to promote empowerment through education and political action. Elizabeth is an advocate for those who need a voice, a fighter against racism, and is an effective defender of civil liberties for the immigrant community.


Academy for Math, Engineering, and Science, Salt Lake City

“Through organizing, protesting, testifying at the legislature, lobbying, and blogging, I directly challenge violations of constitutional rights. It is how I express my passion for freedom and equality.”

Nathan is passionate about his multi-level activism. He is part of the LGBTQ community and advocates for racial and social justice, an end to the death penalty, and peace. Nathan plans to defend constitutional rights and civil liberties as a public interest litigator after college and law school.


Pine View High School, Washington

“I participate in LGBT and Latina activism because I believe in equal opportunity for everyone. Youth activists have the important role of relating to young people and inspiring them to take charge of big issues going on in our country.”

Luissana is an advocate and ally for the LGBTQ community in her school and her community. Luissana is the first president of her school’s new Gay-Straight Alliance, is producing a documentary exploring the high number of teenage Latina pregnancies in Utah, and works hard to educate others about the harmful affects of hatred, homophobia, and racism.

Below is a video that features our three most recent scholarship winners.

ACLU of Utah 2011 Scholarship Winnerss

The ACLU of Utah would like to extend special thanks to its Scholarship Selection Panel: Laurie Wood (Panel Chairperson); Zain Siddiqui; Margo Ungricht; Tim Chambless; Rick Okabe; and Utah State Representative Jackie Biskupski; Tim Chambless; and Archie Archuleta.

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The ACLU of Utah's Youth Activist Scholarship Program is generously funded by the 
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