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ACLU of Utah 2016 Annual Report

27 November 2016 Published in Annual Reports

2016 Annual Report FPBThis year we have been leading the way forward on a series of priority issues like criminal justice reform, racial justice, access to the ballot box, women’s rights, and so much more.

Dear Friends,

I am excited to share our 2016 annual report with you.

Since coming on board in August, I have been impressed with the breadth and depth of the issues that the ACLU of Utah fearlessly tackles. This year’s theme, ”Together We Stand,” asserts that the ACLU of Utah stands for everyone.

We are amazed and humbled by the recent outpouring of support from community members who are concerned about the potential implications of the presidential election. I can assure you, you are part of a powerful community of civil liberties champions, who will stand together to continue critical fights, while waging new battles when necessary, in the name of equality, justice and liberty!

Thank you for backing us. We can’t do our part to protect your freedoms without your help.

In 2016, we were active in the courts in numerous cases, such as preventing the disenfranchisement of Navajo voters in San Juan County, challenging the state’s failure to provide adequate legal representation to those who cannot afford an attorney, and protecting the privacy of Utahns’ digital medical records.We also persuaded lawmakers to pass several favorable laws, including measures to protect children from lifetime sentences without the possibility for parole, to improve workplace accommodations for pregnant and nursing mothers, and to begin to address the state’s failure to meet the Sixth Amendment’s guarantee of the right to counsel for all.

Every indication suggests that 2017 will be even busier and more critical to securing Utahns’ freedoms. Let’s get to work! 


Brittney Nystrom
Executive DirectorSave

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