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ACLU of Utah 2007 Annual Report

15 September 2008 Published in Annual Reports

During the past year, the ACLU of Utah has continued to be an active participant in causes that grab headlines as well as those that are played out in the lives of individuals who struggle in society’s margins. When you review this report, you’ll see that we Utahns contend against the same ill-conceived, heavy-handed assaults on civil liberties that confront communities and state houses across the country. Over the past twelve months, the ACLU of Utah has fought off attempts to ban abortion, unfairly deny immigrants due process, and discriminate against Gay/Straight Alliances. We joined with legislators on both sides of the aisle to protest the nightmare of REAL ID, a de facto national identification card. We worked against the expansion of the death penalty and raised concerns about the constitutionality of the school vouchers program. We responded to hundreds of complaints by individuals around the state with civil liberties concerns. Day in and day out, we play a vital role in the ongoing struggle to protect everyone’s civil liberties in Utah while understanding that our work here is part of a larger effort across our country.


In this Report: Legal Advocacy and Action • At the Capitol • Outreach and Education • Organizational Health and Growth • Your ACLU Across the State!

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