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2018 Cyber Lobbying 101 (1/9/18)

13 December 2017 Published in Past Events

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Watch this video to learn how to be an effective community lobbyist during the 2018 Utah Legislative Session

Does your schedule prevent you from coming to the Utah Capitol--but you still want to be an activist?

Then the ACLU of Utah's CyberLobbying 101 Workshop is for you.

This interactive training (which occurred on January 9, 2018) will show you how to use the newly re-designed le.Utah.gov website to support your community lobbying efforts. You will learn how to access legislative calendars, find streaming audio of committee hearings, track bills as they advance through the legislative process, contact your representatives, watch floor debates, and much more!

Since this event already happened, you can watch the live-stream video or review the PDFs of the presentation decks.

Watch the live-stream video of this workshop from January 9th: Cyber Lobbying 101  (YouTube)

Download the PDF of this presentation:  Without Notes (PDF) | With Notes (PDF)

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Watch the video of this Cyber Lobbying 101 Workshop (YouTube)