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Week of Action to Stop the School to Prison Pipeline

06 October 2014 Published in Past Events

STPP-WOAOctober 4 - 11. We invite you to participate in the 5th National Annual Week of Action Against School Pushout by taking simple steps to harness the people power of social media.

Did you know that nearly one in five students drop out of Utah high schools? One in three of Utah’s black and Hispanic students do not finish high school and they are three times more likely to be suspended than white students. Is it a coincidence that one out of three inmates at the Utah State Prison is a high school dropout?

The national call to action to stop the School to Prison Pipeline is organized by the Dignity In Schools Campaign. Get more information about plans around the country and watch a video announcement about the campaign. >>

SALT LAKE CITY EVENT - Education NOT Incarceration: Challenge the School-to-Prison Pipeline, October 11, 4:30 - 7:00 p.m., Utah Law & Justice Center, 645 South 200 East, SLC.  More info >>

Salt Lake Tribune OP-ED: We should educate, not incarcerate, our young people >> (10/3/14)

Breaking Down the School to Prison Pipeline  >> (10/7/14)

The Issue: The school-to-prison pipeline is the national trend of students, especially those of color, being pushed out of school and into the juvenile justice system, dropping out of school, or into prison. This is done through overly harsh school discipline polices which can be in the form of the misuse of School Resource Officers, the overuse of suspensions/expulsions, and zero tolerance policies.

Goals: The goals for the National Week of Action are to raise awareness and educate around the School-to-Prison Pipeline issue. 

STPP Policymaker Presentation FINAL 03-10-14-pg19What you can do: Change your social media profile picture, post on Facebook, use  the planned hashtags (see below) when using social media, note the themes that correspond to days of the Week of Action and write a relevant message on your social media account.

From Dignity in Schools (the national organizers of the Week of Action): Change your Facebook and Twitter profile photos.

➔  We will be using the “Education is The Key. Don’t Lock Us Out!” image as our Twitter and Facebook avatars before and during this year’s week of action, and we hope you choose to do the same.

➔  We’ve created a “Twibbon,” which is a tool that will easily let you replace your profile photo on Twitter and Facebook with our image. Just click on this link, and follow the instructions. http://twb.ly/PILDGSJN

➔  The Twibbon also provides a way for you to let your friends know why you’ve changed your profile picture, and to encourage them to do so too. Make sure you click on the share buttons after you change your photo.

➔ If you prefer to change your profile pictures manually, you can download the image here: http://www.dignityinschools.org/document/2014-week-action-avatar

Sample Facebook Posts
➔  Did you know that on average states spend states spend $5.7 Billion a Year on the Juvenile Justice System Instead of our Schools? Join us for the National Week of Action Against #SchoolPushout 2014 to demand #SolutionsNotSuspensions! http://www.dignityinschools.org/our-work/week-of-action 

Sample Tweet
Thanks @[YOUR LOCAL EDUCATION REPORTER] for your coverage on #SchoolPushout & #SolutionsNotsuspensions – [INSERT SHORT LINK] 
Suggestions for using Instagram 

• Follow DSC on Instagram at @Dignityinschool. We will follow you back and repost all pictures that you take related to your work and
the Week of Action.

• Write a photo caption and be as descriptive as
possible in it. Using keywords is a great way to
gain likes for your photo or video
(similar to Facebook) and gain new followers (similar to Twitter). 

                                                                                                                          * From a School to Prison Pipeline presentation prepared by the Public Policy Clinic at S.J.                                                                                                      Quinney College of Law in the spring of 2014.

Daily Themes for the Week of Action 

Throughout the week there will be a different theme related to the Week of Action. There will be corresponding messages, statistics, local events, and photos that you can tweet and post. We will be sharing a list of sample tweets and resources for each day. The schedule for the themes is: 

• October 4-5 - Solutions Not Suspensions ● #SolutionsNotSuspensions

•October 6-7 - Don’t Lock Us Up, Don’t Lock Us Out
●  #DontLockUsOut
●  #School2Prison
●  #EducateDontIncarcerate

• October 8-9 - Who is Pushed Out?
●  #PushedOut
●  Customize with different impacted groups - LGBTQ, youth of color, students with disabilities, etc.

• October 10-11 - Speak Up, Speak Out, We Matter!

● #________SpeakOut (customize with different stakeholder groups - #YouthSpeakOut, #ParentsSpeakOut, etc.) 
Important links to Share/Promote 

• DSC Week of Action promo video http://bit.ly/1ohuR3J
• DSC Week of Action Information and Events Calendar http://bit.ly/W4RemR 
• DSC Model Code http://bit.ly/R0dcNi 

Hashtags: #EducationIsTheKey #SchoolPushout #WoA2014 


 ACLU of Utah and School to Prison Pipeline 9/23/13 >>

Find out more about the ACLU of Utah’s work to protect student rights >>

Find out more about the national ACLU's School to Prison Pipeline program >>