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Medical Cannabis: It's time, Utah.

19 May 2015 Published in The ACLU of Utah Activist

MedCannabisForumMay2015Last year, Sen. Mark Madsen’s bill to legalize the use of medical cannabis nearly passed through the Utah Senate – and he has every intention of trying again in 2016. The ACLU of Utah agrees that NOW is the time to allow legal access to medical cannabis to people who are ill and wish to use this particular drug regimen if works for them.

An organized push – by libertarians, alternative medicine advocates, families of veterans and disabled people, and longtime opponents of the Drug War – kicked off last night with a public forum at Weber State University. The forum, hosted by Libertas Institute, featured a panel of elected officials, current and former law enforcement, and medical cannabis users.

Based on the positive response from the audience, medical cannabis appears to have plenty of fans in Northern Utah. Comments from the audience seemed to confirm that many people in Utah currently are using medical cannabis to treat serious symptoms related to serious medical conditions such as PTSD, cancer, inoperable tumors, HIV/AIDS and epilepsy. 

The ACLU of Utah firmly believes that these people should not be criminalized. They should not be threatened with incarceration, nor have to deal with the many collateral consequences of being branded a “drug felon.” They should not fear losing custody of their children, or having their professional reputations ruined. 

Sure, there are some logisitics to figure out. At last night’s forum, Rep. Marc Roberts (R-Santaquin) discussed banking challenges for the medical cannabis industry. But there are legal and appropriate solutions, he asserted.

And Utah public opinion says its worth figuring out how to get around these logistical challenges. A poll conducted by Y2 Analytics earlier this year found that 72% of likely voters in Utah supported Senator Madsen’s medical cannabis legislation.

If you missed the Libertas forum in Ogden, watch it online here:

And plan to attend the next forum, to be held in Provo on Tuesday, June 16, at the Provo Public Library, 7:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. Check www.libertasutah.org for details.

The focus of this next forum will be “Healing, Curing and Alleviating Medical Conditions with Cannabis.” Read Christine Stenquist and Tenille Farr’s stories for a preview!


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