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Editorial: The conservative case against the death penalty

26 October 2015 Published in The ACLU of Utah Activist

Firingsquad3The Salt Lake Tribune Editorial Board makes a compelling case for the abolition of capitol punishment in Utah. 

Published Oct 23 2015

The politics of the death penalty in the United States have always seemed a little backwards.

For the past century or more, opposition to capital punishment has been mostly a liberal thing. Even though the left in this country has generally been associated with the idea that the government exists to solve our problems, and the more government intervention the better, progressives have been anywhere from uncomfortable to downright sickened by the idea of the state putting people to death.

Much of that feeling comes from the statistically justified concern that the death penalty is more likely to be applied to members of minority groups or to those who presume to speak for the poor and downtrodden (e.g. Joe Hill), while the white, rich and well-lawyered are immune.