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Our New Director Needs To Hear From You

29 October 2016 Published in The ACLU of Utah Activist

Brittney CANThis survey is now closed. 11/4/16

Dear Supporter,

I am thrilled to be celebrating my first two months as the new executive director of the ACLU of Utah. It’s an honor to join you in the work of protecting and advancing civil liberties in Utah.

The ACLU of Utah has so many incredible community partners, committed cooperating attorneys, generous donors and passionate members. I’ve been lucky to meet many of these great people since returning to Utah this summer. I'm grateful for the fresh ideas and valuable feedback I have already received about the direction of our work. I’d like to hear from you, too!

Take this brief survey and tell us your thoughts about our current projects and our future priorities.

One of the top reasons I returned to Utah was to work with the fair, compassionate and liberty-minded people of my home state. I believe we can make real progress together, working to protect and expand the civil liberties of all Utahns. But I need your input to ensure that our work reflects the concerns and values of our supporters.

With your help, the ACLU can continue to have a real impact in Utah.

Thank you for sharing your voice with us!

All my best,
Brittney Nystrom, Executive Director

Welcome (Home) to Brittney Nystrom, our new Executive Director (6/29/16)