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Protest Posters - from the ACLU of Utah to YOU!

25 February 2017 Published in The ACLU of Utah Activist

There’s no shortage of protests to attend recently, and therefore there’s no shortage of opportunities to stand for civil liberties with the ACLU of Utah. Screen Shot 2017 02 25 at 5.07.17 PM

 ACLU Volunteer Kris Ogilvie (www.krisogilvie.com) created the following designs just for that purpose. Make these your go-to signs for each and every protest that relates to your civil liberties; free speech, equal treatment and protection, reproductive freedom, law enforcement accountability, you name it! Each design is available in color and grayscale options. If you use these posters, be sure to tag us on Facebook or @acluutah on Twitter!

Download in color: Constitution-Is-For-Everyone-Map.

Download in grayscale: Constitution-Is-For-Everyone-Map.

Download in color: Constitution-Is-For-Everyone-Doc.

Download in grayscale: Constitution-Is-For-Everyone-Doc.

Download in color: Utah-Is-Refuge.

Download in grayscale: Utah-Is-Refuge.

Download in color: Dissent-Is-Patriotic.

Download in grayscale: Dissent-Is-Patriotic.Save