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We’re Putting Up A Fight, and Keeping It Up! Become an ACLU Sustainer Today

20 April 2017 Published in The ACLU of Utah Activist

This article was first published in the Liberty Reporter: 2017 Spring Newsletter >>

ACLU STCK VARThe 2016 election changed everything except how the ACLU of Utah does its work. We have spent nearly 60 years defending and advancing civil liberties in this state, and preparing for the dangers that are manifesting at this moment in time. The road will be long and uncertain, but we are strengthened by our members and heartened by our supporters. The dedication of our ACLU Sustainers, those who have chosen to make recurring monthly or quarterly contributions, allows for us to combat unjust policies and protect Utahns’ rights and liberties. 

At a time when the news is a cringe-worthy and seemingly endless reel of frightening announcements and information, the ACLU has not been complacent. We put up a fight on day one of the Trump Administration, and we have not backed down since. We will not become numb to the barrage of negative actions, and we will not waiver in our opposition.  

The last two months bore a shocking number of challenges, and we are expecting the next four years to follow suit. It is now that we need to prepare, and it is now that we need you, our supporters, to commit to sustaining the cause of defending and advancing all Utahns’ rights. 

ACLU Sustainers directly affect how we are able to meet the high demands of our work, and maintain the high-standard that our community has come to depend on and expect from us. To those of you who already sustain our organization, thank you for your committed generosity and for making protecting others part of your daily routine. 

To become an ACLU Sustainer, and to join a fierce group of unrelenting defenders of the Constitution, contact Cassie Taylor at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 801-871-0331.

In the courts, the legislature, city councils, school boards and town halls we will continue to work for policy changes that better reflect Utah and American values. We will protect the rights guaranteed in the Constitution, and with you, our card-carrying members, supporters and ACLU Sustainers, we will ensure that Utah is a fair, equitable and just place to live.