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Take Action Against Mass Government Surveillance

11 February 2014 Published in The ACLU of Utah Activist

TDWFBAvatarYou can: support the USA Freedom Act; oppose the FISA Improvements Act; protect people around the globe; and protect encryption standards.

Support the USA Freedom Act The USA Freedom Act would institute key pro-privacy reforms, including creating new limits on the NSA’s ability to collect American’s telephone records in bulk.

Oppose the FISA Improvements Act.
 This dangerous bill would codify mass surveillance by the NSA and potentially expand the spying.

Protect people around the globe.
 Everybody deserves basic privacy rights: Innocent foreigners shouldn't have their communications surveilled any more than innocent Americans.

Protect encryption standards. 
The NSA is weakening encryption standards, attacking technology companies, and preventing security holes from being fixed. This must stop.

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