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Curious Cop Downloaded Hundreds of Private Prescription Records Because He Could

13 April 2014 Published in The ACLU of Utah Activist

Today, the ACLU and ACLU of Utah filed an amicus brief in support of a Utah paramedic whose Fourth Amendment rights were violated when police swept up his confidential prescription records in a dragnet search. Law enforcement’s disregard for basic legal protections in the case is shocking. 

The United Fire Authority (UFA) is Utah’s largest fire agency, with 26 fire stations in communities surrounding Salt Lake City. Last year, some UFA employees discovered that several vials of morphine in ambulances based at three fire stations had been emptied of medication. Suspecting theft, they called the police. At this point, one would expect police to interview firefighters and paramedics with access to ambulances at those three stations and try to draw up a reasonable list of suspects. But one detective had a different idea.


By Nathan Freed Wessler, Staff Attorney, ACLU Speech, Privacy & Technology Project, published on the national ACLU Blog Of Rights