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 The ACLU of Utah accepts civil liberties complaints and requests for assistance. Because of our limited resources and the amount of complaints and requests for legal information we receive, we often have to make difficult choices when deciding on the types of issues that we can adequately address. We are unable to accept walk in appointments or answer legal questions over the phone. We usually are not able to respond to emergency situations.



To submit an online complaint please use (click) the grey tab above.

To request a packet by mail or email please phone (801) 521-9862 ext 104 and leave either your mailing address or your email address.

Our office does not have the capacity to return phone calls. 

If you are experiencing an emergency please contact another resource in your community. Our office does not have the capacity to respond to emergencies. 

Please note that by accepting this complaint or request for information the ACLU is not undertaking your legal representation and is not responsible for meeting any statute of limitations restrictions in your case. 

You should be aware that there is a limited time in which legal action may be pursued, sometimes referred to as a statute of limitations. You may want to contact an attorney for advice about preserving any rights that you may have.


Utah Voter Complaint Form

08 November 2018 Published in Request Help
Voting is the cornerstone of our democracy and a fundamental right upon which all our civil liberties rest.  If you had any problem with registering, casting your vote, or if you observed a problem at your polling place, please take the time to fill out this complaint form. 

Legal Observers

17 July 2018 Published in Request Help
9/9/2020 UPDATE: Legal Observing is Changing We are changing our legal observer program to the Mobile Justice App, allowing users to send videos of police misconduct directly to the ACLU of Utah! https://www.aclu.org/issues/criminal-law-reform/reforming-police/aclu-apps-record-police-conduct. If you need legal observers contact the National Lawyers Guild: http://request.nlgutah.org/

Complaints Regarding A Public Education Facility

03 September 2015 Published in Request Help
>> Submit a complaint about a public education facility in Utah Please see our Student Rights page.

Legal Resources

12 August 2015 Published in Request Help
For help finding a lawyer in Utah, consult the Public Services offered by the Utah Bar. For legal advice and assistance, find out about the many Free or Low Cost Legal Clinics around Utah. You should also see if one of Utah’s Community  Organizations could help you by providing legal advice or other resources. These organizations cover a variety of topics >> Submit a complaint to the ACLU of Utah 

Complaints Regarding Utah’s Jails And Prisons

12 August 2015 Published in Request Help
The ACLU of Utah is committed to combating unconstitutional jail and prison conditions and practices, and your complaint is important because it helps us identify problems in Utah’s correctional facilities. Please note that the ACLU of Utah will review complaints only after inmates have completed all levels of the jail or prison grievance procedure. If a jail or prison violate your rights as an inmate, it is important that you go through the jail or prison’s formal grievance procedure for two reasons. First, the process gives officials the opportunity to address your complaint. Second, under the 1996 Prison Litigation Reform Act (PLRA), inmates must try to resolve their complaints through the jail’s grievance procedure before filing a lawsuit in federal court. Additionally, under the PLRA, inmates must exhaust the grievance process, which means that if the jail or prison denies or does not respond to your initial complaint and the grievance procedure allows you to appeal this decision, then you must complete ALL appeals available. If you are an inmate at a Utah state prison or county jail and have completed the grievance process at your facility, you may fill out the online forms to have the ACLU of Utah…

Law Enforcement Complaints

12 August 2015 Published in Request Help
Nationwide and in Utah, police misconduct is a serious problem. While many officers recognize that misconduct gets in the way of effective law enforcement, the actions of only a few bad officers can undermine a community’s trust in an entire agency. Misconduct can range from minor violations of police policy to gross examples of excessive force. Unfortunately, its victims are often unaware of the options they have after being subjected to abuse or wrongdoing. Before filling out the Law Enforcement Complaint Form, please read our resource "What to do if you are a victim of police misconduct in Utah" >> Online ACLU of Utah Law Enforcement Complaint Form >>

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