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Prison Relocation & Justice Reinvestment in Utah

Utah is currently engaged in two major processes that present exciting possibilities for real criminal justice reform. Throughout 2014, the ACLU of Utah will be enthusiastically participating in these processes to ensure that our state enacts substantial reforms that could actually reduce our prison population by up to 25% in the next decade.

The first process is familiar to many Utahns already: the possible relocation of the main state prison in Draper. While the ACLU of Utah has no position on whether the prison should or needs to be moved, we do believe that any new prison should be smaller and more effective than the current facility, and should be undertaken only in concert with major criminal justice reforms.

The second process is less well known: the Justice Reinvestment Initiative. This spring, the state of Utah officially partnered with the Pew Public Safety Performance Project to conduct a full review of Utah's criminal justice system. Policy analysts from Pew will examine data from the court system and the Department of Corrections to assess what factors are driving Utah's prison population - which, in contrast to overall national trends, continues to grow. Based on Pew's data analysis, the Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice - in partnership with community partners and other government bodies - will craft a Utah-specific package of reform policies to help bend our prison growth curve downward.

The ACLU of Utah is committed to being enthusiastically engaged in both of these important processes. We will be advocating for policies that support a fair, just and smart criminal justice system that is protective of public safety while also preserving our civil liberties.

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