The Spring 2019 edition of Liberty Reporter newsmagazine is out--with a cover story on the 19 fatal police shootings in 2018, a recap of the recent Utah Legislative Session, and the announcement of our voting rights and education campaign ahead of the 2020 election. 

"Why did so many Utahns die in police shootings last year?" is the vital question we ask on the cover of the Spring 2019 Liberty Reporter. Nineteen people died in OICIs (officer-involved critical incidents) in 2018--a three-fold increase from the year before. By examining these incidents, and speaking to both law enforcement and activists against police brutality, we call for a broader, multi-party effort to identify and fix the police tactics and policies that accelerate confrontations to a fatal result.

Also in the issue: coverage of the recent lawsuit we filed with the Planned Parenthood Association of Utah to block Utah's 18-week abortion ban; a recap of the 2019 Utah Legislative Session; a report on the 2018 midterm elections, including the historic results from San Juan County; and a preview of our voting rights campaign and a new staff position ahead of the 2020 elections. Check out the latest issue of Liberty Reporter today!

The Liberty Reporter is a biannual newsmagazine mailed to all ACLU of Utah members and many supporters. 

First published May 16, 2019

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Inside the latest issue:


Why does the ACLU use the Statue of Liberty as a symbol?

See You in Court, Again
The ACLU and Planned Parenthood join forces to protect reproductive rights in Utah.

Voting for a Change
Strong voter turnout and better ballot access leads to historic election results in San Juan County.

Open the Bar
Undocumented immigrants qualified to practice law should be admitted to the Utah State Bar.

Smart Justice: New Focus on Reentry Reform
If we want to reduce mass incarceration, we also need to fix probation and parole.

2018 Election: Campaign Mode
3 ways we increased voter turnout and engagement for the 2018 midterm elections.

2019 Legislative Session Review
We tracked more than 100 bills on Capitol Hill. Read about our lobbying efforts in 2019.

COVER STORY: The Deadliest Year
Officer-involved shootings increased three-fold in Utah in 2018, but why?

  • Map of officer-involved shootings in 2018 (PDF)
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Meet Angelica Guzman, the ACLU of Utah's Office Manager
A new staff position and statewide campaign underscore our commitment to voting rights in Utah.

Voting is Fundamental
A new staff position and statewide campaign underscore our commitment to voting rights in Utah.