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Porter v. Daggett County (2018)

17 May 2018 Published in Current Cases

On May 16, 2018 the ACLU of Utah filed a lawsuit on behalf of Dustin Porter and Steven Drollette (“Plaintiffs”) seeking damages and injunctive relief for a pattern of severe cruelty against them while they were incarcerated at the Daggett County Jail. In their complaints, the Plaintiffs describe being shocked with a Taser for guards’ entertainment, being attacked by police dogs, being physically assaulted, being threatened with a gun, and being denied medical and mental health care, among other instances of abuse.  


DaggettCo Jail 500Plaintiffs contend that State and County employees and officials were aware of the longstanding pattern of brutality at the jail but failed to take preventative and corrective actions to keep them safe and protect their dignity. As a result, Plaintiffs suffered severe and traumatic injuries.

“We are committed to making sure that every person who abused prisoners, fostered the culture where that abuse occurred, and turned a blind eye to the abuse is held accountable for their actions.  The Court’s ruling allows this case to proceed not just against the County defendants, but against a State defendant as well.

“In the coming months, as this case moves into its next phase, we will be able to get a clearer picture of what people knew and when.  Our goal is to send a clear message to the State and counties that they must take measures to protect the prisoners in their care."  

John Mejia, ACLU of Utah Legal Director (January 2019)


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