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Ogden Trece Post-Conviction Remedies Act Cases (2014)

27 October 2014 Published in Current Cases

Racial Justice, Criminal Justice - The ACLU of Utah, along with cooperating attorney Randall Richards of Richards & Brown, P.C., filed a class action petition under Utah’s Post Conviction Remedies Act, requesting that the state court vacate all convictions of individuals charged with violating the so-called Ogden gang injunction in light of the Utah Supreme Court’s 2013 decision dissolving that injunction. A separate petition on behalf of an individual petitioner twice convicted of violating the injunction has also been filed.

On February 28, 2018, the plaintiffs and Ogden City reached a compromised settlement of claims raised by Plaintiffs against Ogden City in this case. As part of that settlement, Plaintiffs and Ogden City have agreed to terms that mutually resolve disputes about the application of the prior gang injunction in a manner favorable to both Plaintiffs and Ogden City. This settlement resolves all issues between Plaintiffs and Ogden City in the matter, including all appeals. The case remains pending against the Weber County defendants.

All media coverage and press releases after February 2018 are related to the ongoing lawsuit against Weber County. 


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