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Days of '47 Parade

02 June 2014 Published in Legal Advocacy

ACLU of Utah responds to news that Salt Lake City Council may send an official letter to the Days of '47 organizers re parade admissions.

The ACLU of Utah sent a letter to the Salt Lake City Council on June 2, 2014. The letter stated in part:

Under the First Amendment, government officials are not allowed to use their official power to attempt to sway or select the speech or association of private citizens, no matter what the cause. After all, the First Amendment is at its strongest and is most important when protecting speech that the government disapproves or that is otherwise controversial. A vibrant public debate means shielding all speakers from official encroachment, whether we agree or disagree with their message. Given these considerations, we encourage the Council to refrain from sending any official letter to the Parade organizers.

Read the letter (PDF) >>


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