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ACLU of Utah: Answering the Call

As the entire world has been turned upside down by COVID-19, it is probably no surprise that the ACLU of Utah is doing something unique to raise much-needed funds to support our legal, advocacy, and community outreach work throughout Utah.

This year, in lieu of hosting a physical or virtual event for our supporters, we have created Answering the CallAnswerCall 1 250

While Answering the Call means something different to different people, for us it means connecting our staff with you. Providing one-on-one phone or Zoom calls to update you on the current work our team is doing and answer questions you may have, such as:

  • What is the ACLU of Utah currently doing to protect voting rights?
  • How has the pandemic affected our legal and legislative work?
  • What actions have the ACLU of Utah taken alongside communities of color to ensure equal access to information and resources during the pandemic?


It is easy to participate in the ACLU of Utah’s Answering the Call program.

We are happy to receive a donation of any amount; however, a donation of at least $1,000 will allow you to choose from one of four participating staff members with whom to enjoy a personal 30-minute phone or Zoom call. Due to the high volume of work that our organization is presently focused on, we are able to offer this program only to the first twelve donors who make a gift of $1,000. 

Click the below donate button or call Erin Hurtado, Development Director, at (801-871-0331) to process the donation. Upon the donation’s receipt, our team will work with your schedule to set up the call with a member of our staff. 

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