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Accuracy in E-Verify will be a major issue

14 May 2013 Published in Federal Policy Work

everifyWouldn't you be furious if the government's plan to screen certain immigrants out of the workforce ended up costing you your job instead? That's exactly what could happen if a massive error-prone bureaucracy called E-Verify is included in the federal immigration reform package your senator is considering right now.


E-Verify, with all its inaccuracies, would check every worker – including you – before you start a new job to verify you have the right to work. Are you sure you're on the list?

Tell your Senator: Don't pass the accuracy problems with E-Verify on to U.S. workers.

Accuracy in E-Verify will be a major issue. Even under best case scenarios, hundreds of thousands of Americans will have to fix their records, which could take months or even years. In the meantime, if a prospective employer can't find your name on the E-Verify list, they can't hire you. Period.

Who will suffer most? E-Verify errors are greatest among naturalized citizens, those with foreign names and name changes - raising real risks of discrimination and undue hardship for Americans who have done nothing wrong.

We've got to fix this bill before E-Verify is fully rolled out. Senators Al Franken (D-MN) and Mike Lee (R-UT) sponsored a bipartisan amendment that would force the government to address E-Verify's accuracy problems, not just pass them along to U.S. workers.

Tell your Senator to support the bipartisan amendment to fix the accuracy problems with E-Verify.

Thank you for protecting civil liberties!

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