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Contraception is Basic Health Care

20 August 2013 Published in Federal Policy Work

birthcontrol v2Now is the time to speak out to ensure contraception coverage for millions of American women.

Urge the Obama administration to stand firm and not yield to those seeking to undo a major victory for women's health.

In a breakthrough for women's health, the Obama administration has ensured that millions of women have access to affordable, effective contraception. But anti-family planning forces are waging an all-out campaign to prevent women from getting affordable access to this basic health care. They are claiming that your boss should be able to control your health care decisions.

We can't let them succeed. That's why we're hoping you will immediately write to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and urge it to stand by its decision – contraception is basic health care and must be available in health insurance plans.

The deadline for public comment on the current plan is right around the corner. HHS needs to hear from you and all Americans who support women’s fundamental right to contraception.

We must fight back and ensure our voices are heard. We know that contraception is a game changer for women. Contraception helps women protect their health and plan their families. It allows women to pursue education and participate in the workforce. Virtually all women have used contraception at some point because it is basic health care.

Contact HHS Secretary Sebelius right now, and urge the Obama administration to stand its ground in recognizing that contraception is basic health care.

Please act right now by urging the Obama administration to stand firm against the anti-family planning lobby's ploy to weaken the impact of this enormous step forward. Together, we can help protect the right to contraception for millions of women across the country.

Thank you for taking action.

ACLU of Utah

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