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Request ACLU Legal Observers

17 July 2018 Published in Request Help

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6/9/2020 UPDATE: The ACLU of Utah's Legal Observer program is now back in action.

If your organization is planning a protest, demonstration, rally or other type of free speech event, in or around Salt Lake County, you may request ACLU of Utah legal observers to witness and document interactions between event participants and law enforcement officers. It is important to note that our legal observers will not intervene in the event of law enforcement misconduct or civil rights violations, but will document such misconduct for later review and possible action.

We sometimes get more requests then we are able to accommodate, but if you give us at least three weeks notice it will help us to mobilize members of our volunteer legal observer team for your event.  

Legal Observers do not offer any legal advice to participants in rallies, protests, acts of civil disobedience, or other such events. They act as impartial witnesses only; they may take notes, photographs and make video recordings. The mere presence of such visible witnesses can deter civil liberties violations. 1908 RequestACLU Speaker page 006 300

Request ACLU Legal Observers for your event: Online Legal Observer Request Form

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