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Know Your Rights: Social Media Blocking

The ACLU of Utah believes official social media pages for elected leaders and government organizations are public forums, and that blocking individuals may be an unconstitutional restriction on their right to free speech under the First Amendment.

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Have you been blocked on social media?

Check out this brand new "Know Your Rights" update from the ACLU of Utah about what you can do if elected officials, their offices, or government organizations block you from official social media platforms.  

Download as a PDF: Know Your Rights: When Elected Leaders Block You on Social Media

You should also read the national ACLU's recent blog post on this topic: "Can a Government Official Block You on Twitter?"

Here are three steps that you can take to protect your First Amendment rights online.

Step 1) Send the ACLU of Utah a screenshot or photograph with the evidence that you were blocked on a social media page by an elected leader or government agency. Be sure to include the name and/or address of the social media page. Email those screenshots to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Please note that asking for or receiving these materials does not imply that the ACLU of Utah is pursuing legal action on your behalf or in any case. This information is requested by the ACLU of Utah exclusively for documentation and record-keeping purposes.

Step 2) Contact the office of the elected leader or government agency and request your access be unblocked. You can include references to the ACLU of Utah’s August 2017 press release in your communications or the three recent legal cases from Virginia, Indiana, and Hawaii described in the PDF.

Step 3) When contacting an elected leader, their offices, or government organizations, request a copy of the social media policy guidelines for the page that blocked you. If social media policy guidelines are not available, urge the office or person to create social media guidelines.

For more information, download this PDF: Know Your Rights: When Elected Leaders Block You on Social Media

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