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Spring 2020 - Privacy Still Matters

Privacy Still Matters

We will remain vigilant against state surveillance that violates personal privacy.

20 SpringPrivacy Tw ssOn April 10, thousands of motorists entering Utah at nine border crossings received a text message directing them to complete a government survey with their personal details and any potential exposure to COVID-19. But just three days later, the state cancelled the project after wayward text messages clogged the phones of people sitting in their kitchens miles from a state border. Utah’s failed attempt at wireless “gate-keeping” received wider attention after the National ACLU republished our blog post about it (see link at right). But we also realize the state’s keenness to use surveillance technology to tackle COVID-19 is just beginning. On April 22, state officials began promoting the “Healthy Together” app that uses location tracking to accelerate contact tracing. As more issues arise, the ACLU of Utah will evaluate each new development and defend the importance of privacy—even during a time of pandemic.

…from the Spring 2020 Liberty Reporter

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