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The Truth About HB 497 (Immigration Enforcement)

Today the national office of the ACLU, in cooperation with the ACLU of Utah, issued the first in-depth, preliminary legal analysis of what H.B. 497, "Utah Illegal Immigration Enforcement Act," really means for anyone living in or traveling through Utah. Utah lawmakers have represented to the public and the media that HB 497 is a "kindler, gentler" version of Arizona's SB 1070--which the ACLU, the Department of Justice, and others sought successfully to block in two separate federal lawsuits. But the ACLU's section-by-section legal analysis of HB 497 shows exactly how alike these two bills really are. From their un-American, "show-me-your-papers" approach to law enforcement to their inevitable consequences--including racial profiling and significant burdening of local law enforcement--both HB 497 and Arizona's 1070 share the same flawed, and unconstitutional, view of "immigration reform."

Read the ACLU's full analysis  here (PDF) >>

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