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Utah Unites For Marriage

This article was first published in the Liberty Reporter: 2014 Summer Newsletter >>

UUFM2The ACLU of Utah is proud to be a founding member of a new coalition Utah Unites for Marriage which promotes the freedom to marry.

 Utah Unites for Marriage, is a growing group of diverse state and national organizations, faith, business and civil leaders, and everyday Utahns. It has initiated a statewide public education campaign to broaden the conversation about why marriage matters to all couples and their families.

 This campaign comes on the heels of a federal court ruling that granted the freedom to marry on December 20, 2013. The U.S. Supreme Court, on January 6, 2014, temporarily halted marriages from taking place while the state challenged the decision. While the litigation weaves its way through the federal court system, Utah Unites for Marriage will grow the grassroots network of people throughout the state committed to ensuring this basic freedom is soon available to everyone in the state.

 “The ACLU of Utah is excited to be a partner in this campaign,” said Karen McCreary, executive director. “It provides a wonderful way to share the stories of loving and committed same-sex couples and their families and friends with other Utahns across the state. These stories make clear why marriage matters in so many legal, emotional and practical ways.”

 You can help by getting involved today! Visit www.utahunites.org/