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Election Day Registration

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ACLU of Utah Online Voter Complaint Form The ACLU of Utah wants to assure that each vote cast in Utah is counted accurately and equally. It is also important that election laws are applied uniformly throughout the state. If you had any problem with registering, casting your vote, or if you observed a problem at your polling place, please take the time to fill out this complaint form.

 Utah’s New Election Day Registration Program

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How do I find out if my county is participating?

     • Call 800-995-VOTE or check with your county clerk. You can find the contact information for your county clerk at http://elections.utah.gov/election-resources/county-clerks.


How do I register to vote on Election Day?

      • Go to your polling place and ask for a provisional ballot.

      • Bring ID that shows your name and address. If you don’t have one ID that shows both, you can bring two IDs. See back for more information.

      • Your provisional ballot will be counted as long as you are eligible to vote in the precinct where you cast your ballot.  

Where’s my polling place?

      • Look up your polling place at www.vote.utah.gov.

 Do I need to show ID?

      • Yes. To register and vote on Election Day, you need to show ID with your name and address. 

      • Make sure you go to the polling place for your address. A poll worker will check the address on your ID to make sure you’re voting in the right place. 

      • Your ID does NOT need to have your photo. If your ID has an expiration date, it cannot be expired on Election Day.

What kind of ID can I show?

       • There are a lot of documents you can show as ID to vote. Just make sure you bring something that shows your name and address. 

      • If your ID does not have your address, you can show a second ID.

 You can show: 1 of the following:

      • Utah driver’s license

      • Utah non-driver ID card

      • ID card issued by the federal government

      • Utah concealed weapon permit

      • Tribal identification card

      • Bureau of Indian Affairs card

      • Tribal treaty card

NOTE: if you show an ID from this list that doesn’t have your address, you have to show another ID with your address on it.

Or 2 of the following:

      • Utility bill dated within 90 days of Election Day

      • Bank statement

      • Valid Medicare, Medicaid, or EBT card

      • Employee ID

      • College student ID

      • Check from Utah or the federal government

      • Paycheck from your employer

      • Utah vehicle registration

      • Other document showing your name and/or address

NOTE: make sure at least one ID has your address. 


If you need information about the rules for voting, contact the Lieutenant Governor’s office at 800-995-VOTE (800-995-8683) or visit www.vote.utah.gov. You can also call the Election Protection hotline at 866-OUR-VOTE (866-687-8683).

The ACLU of Utah’s 2016 Utah Voter Empowerment Guide

If you feel your right to vote has been denied, contact the  ACLU at 801-521-9862 x104 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or fill out an online complaint form at www.acluutah.org/participatory-democracy.  

For assistance in Spanish, call 888-VE-Y-VOTA (888-839-8682).