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Volunteer Highlight: Margie Nash, Paralegal

This article was first published in the Liberty Reporter: 2014 Fall Newsletter >>Margie

Recently, Margie Nash decided to begin a new phase in her life. She was already an accomplished educator and grant writer for environmental youth learning programs; she has a B.A. in Social Work and a Masters in Special Education and Early Childhood Education. She decided to enter the legal profession and started with the Salt Lake Community College’s Paralegal program. She applied for an internship position with the ACLU of Utah and began working with us in January 2014. 

Her main responsibility has been to process 70 - 100 requests for legal assistance a month. As part of our legal team, she and other interns review the requests which come in the form of letters, complaint forms, and emails; categorize the issue, enter the information in a database, and prepare a summary for an attorney to review. She then follows the instructions of the attorney to respond appropriately  to the prospective clients and does research on a variety of legal questions.

Margie’s dedication to her work, and commitment to providing support for the ACLU legal team and those applying for assistance, was apparent from the beginning of her involvement in our office. After her official internship ended she decided to stay on as a volunteer. 

“I am deeply impressed by the shear number of people who do write in asking for help,” Margie said. “They may not know exactly what the ACLU is able to do, but they all know that the ACLU helps people. That is what motivates them to write, and that is why I find it so rewarding to volunteer with the ACLU. I know that the work is important, and that it does make a difference in people’s lives, and in the lives of their families.”

“If you are thinking of volunteering or interning with the ACLU, but want a bit more information first, reach out to them,” she added.”They can fill you in on what types of activities you could help with. Throughout the year they need help with a variety of things, ranging from outreach events, to their Bill of Rights Breakfast, to reviewing and screening inquiries. In all sincerity, the ACLU team makes a difference in Utah, and I encourage you to become part of it.”

We are grateful for Margie’s passion to protect civil liberties, her bright smiles and can-do attitude, and the care and thoughtfulness she brings to her work in our organization. 

For more information about intern and volunteer positions at the ACLU of Utah, please visit www.acluutah.org/volunteer-or-intern

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