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ACLU Supporters Make All the Difference

This article was first published in the Liberty Reporter: 2014 Fall Newsletter >>

We the People...

The framers of the Constitution did not use this phrase lightly.  It applies to this day, not just to the Constitution, but to all those who make a difference in protecting the civil liberties we so often take for granted -- but that today are under unprecedented attack.  

If you already support the ACLU, you can count yourself among those who advocate for a vibrant and healthy democracy, one where all voices are heard.  We are grateful to you for your generosity and hope that you will consider a special gift today.  If you are reading this newsletter to become better informed, we hope that you join our family by making an investment in the ACLU and thus a more free and just society for all.

Please consider making a gift today via our web site www.aclu.org/secure/support-aclu-utah or by sending a check or filling out the credit card information, with the enclosed remittance envelope.

There is an ever expanding need to defend our Constituional rights. Thank you on behalf of all those whose voice would not be heard without your help!

ACLU of Utah Board and Staff

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