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Reading Corner: Costs of the School-to-Prison pipeline

Blog-STPP-500x280-V01This is a collection of materials to help you understand the issue of the School-to-Prison Pipeline locally and nationally.



A report covering several aspects of the School-to-Prison pipeline. Discusses costs on page 5.

Summary of report on incarceration of youth across the nation (includes Utah.)

Full report on incarceration of youth across the nationon

Discussion of the Utah Department of Correction’s expenditures on page 33.

A document by the Justice Policy discussing negative trends in the confinement of Juveniles, costs associated with confinement, the effectiveness of current juvenile justice policies, and the cost benefits to making reforms. (PDF)


Factsheet on the costs associated with the high school drop out population.

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More on the ACLU of Utah’s work on the School-to-Prison Pipeline >>

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