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About the ACLU of Utah

The ACLU of Utah, chartered in 1958, operates through public education, legal advocacy, litigation, and lobbying at both the state and local levels to ensure the constitutional rights and freedoms of everyone living in or visiting Utah. Our work is based on those principals outlined in the Bill of Rights and our priorities include: Participatory Democracy; Racial Justice; Criminal Justice Reform; Immigration Reform; LGBTQ Equality; Gender Equality; Privacy; and Religious Liberty & Freedom of Belief. In addition, we continue our commitment to protect the First Amendment. For more about the ACLU of Utah and our priorities please visit www.acluutah.org


Brittney Nystrom, Executive Director
Marina Baginsky Lowe, Legislative & Policy Counsel
John Mejia, Legal Director
Leah Farrell, Senior Staff Attorney
Cassie Taylor, Development Director
Jessica Andrews, Finance & Business Manager
Rachel Appel, Community Outreach Fellow
Reinard Knutsen, Office Manager
Jason Groth, Smart Justice Coordinator
Margie Nash, Paralegal
Sydni Makemo, Southern Utah Community Outreach Coordinator
Jason Stevenson, Communications Manager
Niki Venugopal, Development & Finance Assistant

Board of Directors

Danielle Hawkes, President
Heidi Chamorro, Vice President
Bill Orchow, Treasurer
Suresh Venkatasubramanian, Secretary
Richard Van Wagoner, Legal Panel Liaison
Mary Hall, Affiliate Equity Officer
Roni Jo Draper, National ACLU Board Rep.
Brian King, Governance Committee Chair
Chelsie Acosta, Gina Cornia, Forrest Crawford,
Russell Fericks, Kass Harstad, Roderic Land, Kathryn Lindquist, Robert Wood

Legal Panel
David Reymann, Chair
Jensie Anderson, Rusty Andrade, Ruth-Arlene W. Howe, David Dolowitz, Stewart Gollan, Nubia Pena, Kristina Ruedas, Karen Stam, Aaron Tarin, Richard Van Wagoner, Mary Woodhead

Interns and Volunteers

Aaron Carrell, Nicholas Cockrell, Kleo Kobe, Hannah Nerone, Claire Smith, Changhao Wei, Stephanie Maynes, Elizabeth Stubbs, Steffan Thomas, Anna Greenburg, Zach Berger, Kamryn Broschinsky, Marisa Mills, Masami Kanegae 

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