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ACLU Site User Agreement & Online Privacy Policy

ACLU Site User Agreement

Effective as of: January 17, 2013

Welcome to the general website ("ACLU of Utah Site") for the American Civil Liberties Union of Utah and the American Civil Liberties Union of Utah Foundation (collectively, "ACLU of Utah "). The ACLU of Utah Site is the website whose home page is located at and includes all web pages whose domain name contains the following: and some pages of where a link to this privacy statement exists. This is not the user agreement for any blogs, forums or social networking sites where ACLU of Utah has a presence that are on websites other than the ACLU of Utah Site. This is not the user agreement for the websites of the national operations of the ACLU, The American Civil Liberties Union or the American Civil Liberties Union Foundation ("ACLU National") or for any ACLU local affiliates other than ACLU of Utah, and you should refer to the user agreement on those organizations' websites or contact those organizations to learn those websites' terms of use. Please read this User Agreement carefully, including the ACLU of Utah Online Privacy Statement. By using the ACLU of Utah Site, you agree to follow the rules set forth on these web pages. From time to time we may revise this User Agreement including its Online Privacy Statement, so be sure to check these web pages occasionally. If we do make material changes, we will post a notice on our home page that the User Agreement has been modified and provide a link to the revised User Agreement. When you continue to use the ACLU of Utah Site after we post a change, it means you agree to the new rules.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Utah and the American Civil Liberties Union of Utah Foundation

The American Civil Liberties Union of Utah and the American Civil Liberties Union of Utah Foundation are separate organizations that are each engaged in the same mission of defending the rights guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution, including First Amendment freedoms, equality, privacy rights and fundamental fairness. To learn more about the [American Civil Liberties Union of Utah and the American Civil Liberties Union of Utah Foundation] and the different activities carried on by each organization, click this link.

Online Privacy Statement & Information You Voluntarily Submit to the ACLU of Utah Site

Please review our Online Privacy Statement, which is part of this User Agreement and describes how we handle any personally identifying information about ACLU of Utah Site users, including information you voluntarily submit to the ACLU of Utah Site. By providing such information, you hereby acknowledge and agree to ACLU of Utah's treatment of such information as described in the Online Privacy Statement.


The ACLU of Utah owns or licenses the copyright in all the materials on the ACLU of Utah Site, including text, graphics, logos, button icons, audio clips, photographs, and software, and those rights are protected by United States and international copyright laws and other intellectual property laws ("ACLU of Utah Site Content"). To the extent your use of material on the ACLU of Utah Site does not constitute "fair use" for which you do not need our permission, the following rules apply to use of the material:

Permitted Distribution. Unless the specific web page from which ACLU of Utah text materials is available indicates you may not do so, you may copy or distribute any text materials that appear on the ACLU of Utah Site in print or digital format only and only for the following non-commercial purposes: research, teaching, private study, and activism within a local geographic area regarding civil liberties issues. You may also distribute ACLU of Utah Content that is not ACLU of Utah text materials if and only to the extent that the specific launching page from which that ACLU of Utah Content is accessible, and/or the ACLU of Utah Content itself, explicitly indicates that the ACLU of Utah Content may be distributed in a specified manner.

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all distributed copies must display the following copyright notice:

Copyright 2013 or other year indicated] American Civil Liberties Union of Utah
Reprinted with permission of the American Civil Liberties Union of Utah

Distribution Requiring Advance Written Permission. You must obtain written permission in advance if you wish to reproduce ACLU of Utah Content that is not text material (e.g., videos, drawings, photographs, podcasts, etc.) or if you wish to reproduce any ACLU of Utah Content for any reason not listed in the previous paragraph. You can request this permission by sending us a fax at (801) 532-2850 or an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. that contains the information listed below:

  • a complete description of the ACLU of Utah Content requested, such as the URL of the web page that contains the ACLU of Utah Content, a description of the sections or paragraphs that will be distributed, and, where applicable, the title and date of the ACLU of Utah Content;
  • a description of the intended audience;
  • a description of the manner of distribution;
  • the length, retail price, and approximate size of first printing or circulation that will include the ACLU of Utah Content;
  • a description of the geographic scope of the distribution and the length of time for which rights are being requested. (Please note that the ACLU of Utah grants only nonexclusive rights);
  • a reply fax number or email address and a phone number.

Information You Post to the ACLU of Utah Site

To the extent you voluntarily post material to the ACLU of Utah Site for display on the ACLU of Utah Site itself (e.g., postings and comments to ACLU blogs and forums), you automatically grant to ACLU of Utah and ACLU National an irrevocable, perpetual worldwide license for the ACLU of Utah to display such material on the ACLU of Utah Site, except to the extent we have indicated otherwise on the portion of the ACLU of Utah Site that permits you to post such information (e.g., if a particular blog or forum on the ACLU of Utah Site posts any specific terms of use that applies to that particular blog or forum). Additionally, unless otherwise explicitly agreed upon in writing by you and ACLU of Utah, by posting any material to the ACLU of Utah Site for display on the ACLU of Utah Site, you are representing, warranting and covenanting to the ACLU of Utah and to ACLU National that those materials are original to you or you have obtained permissions, releases, rights or licenses, if any are required (including where use of that material does not constitute "fair use"), that you assume full responsibility for the posting of such material vis-à-vis third parties, including but not limited to make any payments to third parties with respect to displaying such third party material. By posting material for display on a portion of the ACLU of Utah Site that contains specific terms of use applicable to that portion of the ACLU of Utah Site, you agree you have read, understand, agree to and accept such specific terms of use.


All ACLU-related trademarks on the ACLU of Utah Site (collectively "ACLU Trademarks") are registered trademarks in the United States and other countries. To the extent your use of ACLU Trademarks does not constitute "fair use" for which you do not need our permission, the following rules apply to use of the material:

You may not use the ACLU Trademarks for any product or service that does not belong to the ACLU, nor in any manner that is likely to cause confusion about whether we are the source, affiliated with, sponsor of or endorser of any product or service. In addition, you may not use the ACLU Trademarks in any manner that illegally disparages or discredits us.
At times, the trademark of a third party (such as a coalition partner will appear on the ACLU of Utah Site ("Third-Party Trademarks"). Your ability to use a Third-Party Trademark that appears on the ACLU of Utah Site is limited to the manner, if any, in which the ACLU of Utah Site explicitly states on the page on which such Third-Party Trademark appears that such use in such manner is authorized by the third-party owner of that Third-Party Trademark (unless your use is permissible under the law (e.g., it is "fair use") or the owner of such Third-Party Trademark has specifically granted you the right to such use in such manner).

Frames and Metatags

You may not frame the content of the ACLU of Utah Site. You may not use metatags or any other "hidden text" that incorporates ACLU or the ACLU of Utah Trademarks or our, our local affiliates' or ACLU National's name without our express written consent.

Links to Other Websites

The ACLU of Utah Site contains links to other websites that we think may be of interest to you. We are not responsible for and have no control over these other sites or their content. Remember that when you link to another site, that other site is governed by its own user agreement and privacy statement, which you should be sure to read.

Disclaimers and Limitation of Liability




We reserve the right to terminate the ACLU of Utah Site and this User Agreement at any time without notice for any reason, including, in the case of the User Agreement, for your violation of any of its provisions. The Limitation of Liability and Governing Law Sections of this User Agreement survive any such termination.

Governing Law

This User Agreement is governed by the laws of the State of Utah applicable to contracts made and performed there without regard to its conflicts of law principles. You agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the state and federal courts in the State of Utah and County of Utah and waive any jurisdictional, venue or inconvenient forum objections to such courts.

Online Privacy Policy

Effective as of: May 7, 2018

This Online Privacy Statement describes how we treat user data collected during your visit to the ACLU of Utah site. The ACLU of Utahsite is [] and includes all web pages whose domain name contains or This is not the online privacy statement for other ACLU of Utah websites that don’t contain these domain names – for example,  – unless those websites link directly to this Online Privacy Statement. Neither is it the online privacy statement for other websites (e.g. blogs or social networking sites) where ACLU of Utah]has a presence, such as ACLU of Utahpages on Facebook. Finally, this is not the online privacy statement for the websites of any ACLU of Utahaffiliate organizations. In all of those cases, site-specific privacy terms apply, and are posted accordingly.

Privacy and the Internet

The Internet, generally speaking, is not currently a private place. As you visit websites, use search engines, and conduct business on the Internet, many different companies and organizations are gathering information about your online behavior by tracking your searches, visits, and transactions, and then by matching that data with other information about you. There are some things you can do to prevent your information from being collected.  We encourage you to read our Easy Steps Everyone Can Take to Protect Their Digital Privacy to help protect your privacy online.

TheACLU of Utah takes many steps to protect your privacy when you visit the ACLU of Utahwebsite. In order to advance our advocacy and outreach programs, and to provide you with a better experience while you are on the ACLU of UtahSite, we do allow some tracking to take place. How and when we do so is explained below. 

Our Collection and Use of Information About You


Passively Collected Data

Like most websites, we may automatically receive and record information in our server logs from your browser when you visit ACLU of Utah. The information that we collect with these automated methods may include your IP address, cookie information, browser type, system type, and the referring URL.

We use this type of information to measure and improve the performance of our site.  On occasion we also access this type of information to investigate or maintain the stability and security of our site.

Voluntarily Submitted Data

Certain pages on the ACLU of Utahsite may invite you to share personally identifying information, such as your name, address, email address, or telephone number.  Sharing that information will allow you to make a donation, join our email list, sign a petition, or participate in other similar online activities.

We may use that voluntarily submitted data to:

  • Fulfill your orders or transactions.
  • Contact you about other ACLU of Utahactivities or news, or about opportunities to support the ACLU.
  • In the case of petitions, we may display on our website your first name, last initial, city and state, and deliver your first and last name, city and state, zip code, or congressional district to the advocacy target. Where required for federal agencies to accept public comments, we may also submit your email address and other required information.
  • In the case of direct messages to advocacy targets (such as your member of congress), all required information fields (e.g. name, email address, etc.) will be passed on to the advocacy target with your message. 
  • In the case of blog comments, post your comment and, if given, your name.
  • Deliver content to you on platforms such as social media, other websites, search results pages and mobile apps.
  • If you have joined People Power, share your name and contact information with other volunteers, and acknowledge your participation in specific volunteer activities.


When We May Share Your Information With Other Organizations

When we give you an opportunity to voluntarily submit information about yourself, we may give you the option of indicating that you permit us to share that data with other parties such as coalition partners or specific legislators. We will not share your data with such parties unless you have indicated that you permit us to do so.

We sometimes allow other nonprofit, nonpartisan organizations to contact our members, or to contact other individuals who have chosen to share their information with us. Working with other organizations in this way, either on a rental basis or in an exchange, is critical to maintaining a strong membership base by allowing us to lower costs while reaching the widest possible audience. In order to protect your privacy, we do this through secure arrangements in which the external organization does not directly receive information about you. All such communications are done on a one-time use basis and are carried out by a third-party vendor, which keeps your information confidential.  The external organization learns information about you only if you choose to respond to that third-party communication. If you don’t wish us to make information about you available for this type of communication, please let us know by clicking and submitting a request to opt out.  We will be sure to honor your request.

In addition to those ways of sharing information with unrelated organizations, we may also share information with our own ACLU affiliates around the country.  Our affiliates are bound to use that information only as allowed under this Online Privacy Statement, and with regard to their own operations.

Our Email List

If you sign up for our email list, we may collect data by using an embedded image to track whether you open our email and by using a URL that enables us to identify that you have taken an action, such as clicking a link in an email or signing an online petition.

This allows us to build a more effective advocacy program, to inform you about the ACLU of Utahissues you care about most, and to make it simpler for you to sign petitions and fill out surveys.

How We Work With Third-Party Vendors


We work with a variety of vendors who help us process data, facilitate the operation of the ACLU of Utahsite and deliver messages to you on other platforms.  For example, outside vendors may help us analyze traffic on our site, process credit card transactions, or facilitate activities such as the collection and delivery of petition signatures.  To the extent that any vendor has access to personally identifiable data about you, by virtue of the fact that it participates in the operation of the ACLU of Utahsite, we require that vendor to promise that it will keep that data confidential and use it only for the purpose of carrying out the functions we have engaged it to perform.  That is true both as to passively collected data and as to voluntarily submitted data, and also as to data from any cookie or other tracking device.There are two exceptions to this rule.  First, we do allow some vendors to use certain aggregated data for other purposes, as described immediately below.  Second, if you join our People Power volunteer program, some of the vendors who provide tools for that program will have broader rights to retain and use information about you.  Please see the “People Power” section further below for an explanation of the special rules that apply to that program.

In some instances, we may agree to allow a vendor to take aggregated and anonymized data about activity on the ACLU of Utahsite, and use that data for other purposes such as improvement of the vendor’s products or benchmarking for the vendor’s other clients.  But we won’t agree to that unless we believe, in each instance, that the data won’t be recombined with other information to create any record about you as an identifiable individual.

People Power


People Power is the ACLU’s nationwide program for enrolling and organizing volunteers.  When you indicate that you wish to join People Power, information about you may be passed through a variety of digital tools, such as tools for sending emails, scheduling events and allowing volunteers to communicate with one another.  Some of these People Power tools are provided by vendors, and those vendors are not subject to the same limitations we describe above under “How We Work With Third-Party Vendors.”  In the People Power context, each of the tools we use has its own privacy rules, determined by the individual vendors.  You can see those other rules by reviewing the respectively posted privacy statement as you interact with each of the tools, for example as you use a texting tool or one of the scheduling tools.  Some of the vendors may use tracking devices, or otherwise automatically collect information about you. Some may use information about you for purposes other than those of People Power, or disclose information about you to other parties.

Our Use of Cookies


We use cookies to improve website performance, to remember user preferences and settings, and to collect analytic data. By “cookies” we mean small text files placed on to your computer by websites you visit. “Cookies” may also refer to local storage, which is a mechanism similar to cookies where the information is stored within your web browser. In some instances we place these cookies ourselves.  In other instances we allow outside service providers to place these cookies, but only if those providers agree to the terms described above under “How We Work with Third-Party Vendors.” We use cookies as follows:

Website Performance

Website performance cookies allow us to make the website easier and more pleasant to use. For example, they may enable us to:

  • Determine how often and where you see our “breaking news” alerts or promotions.
  • Save you time when filling out a form by populating it with information you provided in previous visits.



If you are visiting our website as a registered user — for example, when you manage your subscriptions for our email lists — we place cookies in your browser that allow our website to recognize that you are logged in.



We use analytics tools that place cookies, in order to give us a better understanding of how people engage with our website.  That in turn allows us to gauge the current performance of Website features, and to develop better content. Analytics cookies provide us with information like:

  • How many individual visitors we have
  • How many visitors are new or returning
  • How often visitors come to the website
  • What content they’ve visited
  • How visitors interact with particular pages or content

In addition, if you click on a link in an email we send to you — for example, to sign a petition — a cookie may be generated that enables us to identify that you have signed the petition.

How Certain Content Hosts May Place Cookies and Gather Information About You


Our site is connected in a variety of ways to content residing on other platforms.  We provide links to content on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, and to content on other sites, such as articles posted on the sites of news organizations.  Our site also features embedded media, such as videos, that are hosted on other platforms (such as YouTube) but viewable directly through the buttons we provide.  When you click on links or buttons for any of these types of external content, the providers of that content may place their own cookies on your computer, access existing cookies that were set when you previously visited other websites, or otherwise gather information about you as you access their content.  

To learn about how those content hosts treat the data they collect through cookies and otherwise, see their respective online privacy policies and other posted guidance. 

To learn how you can minimize the information about you collected by these types of content hosts, please see our Easy Steps Everyone Can Take to Protect Their Digital Privacy.

Security Measures and Data Transmission

We have taken physical, electronic, and managerial measures to safeguard the information we collect. We work to ensure data accuracy and protect against unauthorized access to, and improper use of, information we collect online.

Information that can be readily linked to you personally, such as your name and address, is stored on secure servers and is not publicly accessible (unless, as discussed above, you have chosen to have us disclose information about you when you have signed a petition or submitted a blog comment). Additionally, all data transmitted to and from our website, including credit card numbers, are encrypted using industry standard measures to provide an additional level of security.

However, as noted above under “People Power,” different rules apply when you choose to participate in our People Power volunteer program. The various vendors who provide digital tools for that program each have their own approach to data security and data transmission. We do not generally impose data security standards or perform security audits on those vendors.  


Procedure When We Update This Statement

Our privacy statement may change from time to time. We will post privacy statement changes on this page and, if the changes are significant, we will provide a more prominent notice on our website. We will also keep prior versions of the Online Privacy Statement available for your review in this section.


  • January 18, 2013(comprehensive restatement)
  • May 7, 2018 (additions setting out the rules that apply when a visitor chooses to join our People Power volunteer programand clarifications regarding disclosures when we process petitions and other direct advocacy messages)

Procedure for Updating Your Personal Information or Preferences

If you wish to withdraw or change personal information you shared with us previously or adjust personal preferences — such as your preferences regarding email lists — you may contact us to update our records. You have the following options to do this:

  • Click on the link in the footer of any email you receive from the ACLU or ACLU of Utah and use our preference center
  • Send e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Send mail to our address: ACLU Membership Department, 125 Broad Street, 18th Floor, New York, NY 10004

To send us any other feedback, please

Your Ability to Choose

When you provide us with your Voluntarily Submitted Data on the ACLU of Utah Site, you can let us know that you do not wish to receive our email communications by unsubscribing to email communications, by un-checking or not checking the subscription request box on the form you are completing, by un-subscribing, un-checking or not checking the subscription request box on our User Preference Page, by unsubscribing from further email communications of a specific type following receipt of an email of that type, or by contacting us via postal mail sent to ACLU of Utah, 355 North 3000 West, Salt Lake City, UT 84103.

You can opt out of having your Voluntarily Submitted Data shared with Sharing Organizations on the online form you are filling out or thereafter by emailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by contacting us via postal mail sent to ACLU of Utah, 355 North 3000 West, Salt Lake City, UT 84103.

Again, please remember that if you are a non-U.S. resident, we will not use your Voluntarily Submitted Data for any purpose other than the one for which it was originally collected regardless of whether you check or un-check a box.


We do not knowingly collect information from children under the age of 13.


The Voluntarily Submitted Data we collect about you is stored on a secure, password protected server and only authorized personnel have access to your information. We use industry-standard encryption technologies with respect to the receipt and transfer of Voluntarily Submitted Data you submit to us on the ACLU of Utah Site and only authorized personnel have access to your information. Nevertheless, despite our best efforts, no transmission over the Internet and no data storage method can be guaranteed to be 100% secure.

Updating Your Data

To update your Voluntarily Submitted Data or to make corrections, you can do so by using our User Preference Page, or by sending us the update via postal mail sent to ACLU of Utah, 355 North 3000 West, Salt Lake City, UT 84103.

Comments and Questions

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about this Privacy Statement or our data collection practices or to request that we delete your Voluntarily Submitted Data, you can email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or send us your questions or comments via postal mail sent to ACLU of Utah, 355 North 3000 West, Salt Lake City, UT 84103.