Interested in learning about the power of the Utah County Prosecutor? Then watch the full recording of our Community Townhall: Power of the Utah County Attorney event!

Do you care about criminal legal reform? Did you miss our Community Townhall: Power of the Utah County Attorney event? You can watch it above. 

About the Event:
In June you have a chance to impact the criminal legal system when you vote in the primary election for County Attorney because they are the Most Powerful Actors in the Criminal Legal System!

This townhall was a chance to learn more about the power prosecutors hold over our communities and get ready for Primary Election Day!

Why this event mattered:

Did you know?

  • Prosecutors with "tough-on-crime" policies have played a significant role in leading the United States to have the highest incarceration rate globally. 
  • Those incarcerated are disproportionately Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color.
  • When a person enters the criminal legal system, a prosecutor decides what charges to file, influences what bail amount to set and what plea deal to offer or what sentence to recommend.
  • Most cases never make it to a trial because the majority end with plea deals. This means that prosecutors are often the most powerful person in the courtroom.
  • Our top elected prosecutors, also known as your County Attorney, can decide to use that power to change the system and take steps toward ending mass incarceration.
  • These issues exist in Utah, but as voters, we have the opportunity to make a difference!

In Utah County, the Republican primary will likely decide the next Utah County Attorney! Watch a recording of this townhall for a chance to learn about one of your county's most powerful elected positions and be ready to cast an informed vote.