Fighting Injustice in Utah; Together

The ACLU of Utah plays an active role in creating and guiding policies that protect and expand civil liberties in our state. Today, years of hard-fought civil liberty protections are under threat — and to influence policy, we need everyone to get involved. 

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Advocacy, Policy, and Legislative Tools

Join Our Community Legislative Action Team

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To grow our grassroots mobilizing power for Utah's 2023 Legislative session, we are launching our Community Legislative Action Team. The Community Legislative Action Team is how you can stay up to date, get involved, and make a difference in our state's legislative process. You can decide how much or little you want to be involved; no prior legislative experience is needed. 

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Utah Legislative Bill Tracker

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Staying informed on legislation is a considerable step towards defending civil liberties across Utah. Our 2023 Utah Legislative Bill Tracker enables people living in Utah to follow along with the legislative process in real-time and, in some cases, direct people to "take action", such as contacting their lawmakers.

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Look Up My Elected Officials

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Aren't sure who your elected officials are? That's no problem with our find my elected official's tool.

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