2024 Legislative Report: We the People Means All The People

This year’s comprehensive legislative report highlights our challenging work during the legislative session to defend our civil liberties and civil rights in Utah. Start reading our report to discover how the Utah Legislature impacted your rights, liberties, and freedoms this year.

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Thank you to the thousands of people who acted with us this year to fight for our civil rights and liberties. While we have a challenging fight in Utah for all our rights, this year, we made it clear that “We the People, Means All the People”.

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Last chance to attend our Legislative Wrap-Up Event

Ogden| Mar 28| 6pm

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Indulge in light refreshments and drinks as we gather for an hour of engaging discussion in a relaxed setting. Billy Palmer, our dynamic Director of Campaigns, and Ellie Menlove, our savvy Legislative and Policy Counsel, will take center stage to spotlight the highs, lows, and everything in between from the 2024 General Legislative Session. You can find all the details and RSVP on our event page.