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Extraordinary Petition About Utah Jails and Prisons

Apr 01, 2020

  On April 1, 2020, the ACLU of Utah, the Disability Law Center, and the Utah Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys filed a Petition for Extraordinary Relief with the Utah Supreme Court demanding that state correctional facilities increase the release of incarcerated individuals to avoid unnecessarily heightened risks of serious harm from the COVID-19 pandemic while also ensuring safety for our communities outside of correctional facilities.

2020 Legislative Wrap-up

Mar 26, 2020

The 2020 Legislative was unusual by all accounts, with a slow roll out of bills at the beginning, and the threat of Covid-19 changing lobbying practices at the end. Nevertheless, the ACLU was on Capitol Hill every day for 45 days, and covered a lot of ground! In 2020, we tracked 155 bills that impacted Utahn’s civil liberties, addressing topics from criminal justice to free speech to reproductive rights. We worked behind the scenes, in coalition with partners and in the pubic eye to pass legislation that promotes civil liberties, and to stop or amend harmful bills. The following is but a snapshot of some of our more high profile efforts.

PRESS RELEASE: COVID-19 Recommendations for Utah Sheriffs

Mar 26, 2020

PRESS RELASE: COVID-19 Recommendations for Utah Sheriffs March 26, 2020 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  The ACLU of Utah has called on all sheriffs in Utah to exercise their authority to protect the people who are, will soon become, and who may remain incarcerated during the current pandemic. Among the measures suggested are for sheriffs to: Ensure that their correctional facilities are as empty, safe, and clean as possible; Ensure that all facilities have adequate supplies of soap, hand sanitizer, tissues, and other hygiene products all provided free of charge. Implement procedures to care for those who become ill in their facilities, including: screening and testing of people for COVID-19, increasing access to medical care and removing all copays; obtaining access to the medication and equipment necessary to treat those who contract the virus; and immediately transferring sick patients to outside facilities for care when necessary; and putting into place non-punitive procedures for housing people who...

PRESS RELASE: COVID-19 and the Criminal Justice System in Utah

Mar 21, 2020

PRESS RELEASE: COVID-19 and the Criminal Justice System in Utah March 21, 2020 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Dear Criminal Justice Policy Officials and Stakeholders, As the novel strain of coronavirus continues to spread across the United States, and as more public and private actors take drastic steps to combat this pandemic, we urge you to develop and implement holistic policies that align with guidance from public health experts and that will minimize the harm inflicted on people involved in the criminal legal system – and, by extension, the harm inflicted on broader communities. Like all other public agencies, all aspects of the system – from policing and pretrial through sentencing, confinement, and release – will come under intense scrutiny for how the system responds to this national public health crisis. As of yesterday, it was reported that COVID-19 has spread to prisons and a jail in the United States, infecting personnel and inmates. According to the...

Rely on Us, Now, More than Ever

Mar 18, 2020

Even though most of our staff is working remotely for the next two weeks, we are just as busy watching and protecting civil liberties in Utah. We are working on extending voting rights, protecting people in Utah's jails and prisons, and following up on the loose ends of the 2020 Legislative Session. And we are adapting our work and priorities to how COVID19 can impact civil liberties and your rights in Utah.  Here are ways you can contact and connect to the ACLU of Utah during the COVID19 shutdown:

Last week of the 2020 Legislative Session

Mar 05, 2020

The 2020 Utah Legisative session ends at midnight on Thursday, March 12.  But there's still plenty of hours for lawmakers to advance both good and bad bills. Check out these resources to follow the ACLU of Utah's legisative and lobbying eefforts as we sprint to the end of the 2020 Session. 

Where the heck is my polling place?

Mar 03, 2020

It's Election Day in Utah. Many voters have already mailed in their ballots. But if you want to drop off a ballot or vote in-person on Election Day, here's the information to help you do it: Note If you have questions about voting access to discrmination you might have experienced, contact the ACLU of Utah at 801-521-9862, or by sending am email to aclu@acluutah.org 

2020 Utah Abortion Survey Results

Feb 28, 2020

What do Utahns think about new restrictions on abortion? Thanks to new survey results, we know. After being informed about Utah’s current restrictions on abortion (i.e. state-directed counseling, 72-hour waiting period, private and public insurance limitations), 80% of Utahns said the state does not need additional restrictions on abortion.

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