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Aaron Welcher, Communications Director,, 317-376-0468

March 8, 2023

H.B. 427 (enrolled on March 15, 2023) sets out to promote high-minded principles of individual freedom and equality, we believe it may undermine these goals in practice. We firmly believe that young people have the right to an inclusive, accurate, and honest education free from censorship or discrimination. They deserve to learn about our state and nation's past, present, and future in a comprehensive and truthful manner.

Quote from ACLU of Utah:

H.B. 427 may lead educators to favor the voices of certain groups of students and silence those in marginalized communities. Overcoming systemic inequities requires an accurate and honest education about them in our public schools. All students deserve the chance to learn how to address continued injustices so we can strive for a society that guarantees everyone the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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