What do Utahns think about new restrictions on abortion?

Thanks to new survey results, we know. After being informed about Utah’s current restrictions on abortion (i.e. state-directed counseling, 72-hour waiting period, private and public insurance limitations), 80% of Utahns said the state does not need additional restrictions on abortion.

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On February 25, 2020, the ACLU of Utah joined with Planned Parenthood Association of Utah and Alliance for a Better Utah, to release the results of a phone survey regarding sex education, birth control, and abortion conducted by Dan Jones and Associates.

The target audience was the general population aged 18+ across the state of Utah. The survey was in field from January 23rd through February 9th, 2020. Calls were administered to both landline and cell phone numbers, split 58% to 42%. With a final sample size of 793, the margin of error was +/-3.48%. To ensure adequate representation of the population of Utah, quotas were set by both county and age, proportional to the latest population estimates from the US Census Bureau.

Read the Executive Summary (PDF)

View the three charts we displayed at the press conference (PDF)