What are the Priority Areas for the ALCU of Utah in the 2024 Legislative Session?

This legislative session the ACLU of Utah is doubling down on our commitment to champion the belief that "We the people" means ALL the people. Learn about our legislative priorities here.

As the 2024 legislative session unfolds, we find ourselves facing a barrage of buzzwords from our elected representatives – 'transparency,' 'protecting youth,' 'protecting life,' 'public safety,' and 'parents' rights.' Unfortunately, these terms are often used as a pretext for attacks on our rights. The ACLU of Utah stands firm in its commitment to ensuring that the phrase "We the people" means ALL the people. This dedication is intensified in response to the challenges reminiscent of the previous year.

The ACLU of Utah 2024 Legislative Priorities are:

Fighting for the rights of LGBTQ+ Utahns.

State lawmakers are continuing to introduce wave after wave of cruel measures – banning trans kids from school sports, denying access to gender-affirming medical care, and now launching a campaign to force Transgender and Nonbinary to use restrooms not in alignment with their gender identity under the guise of protecting cisgender women. That’s why we’re fighting back with every tool in our toolbox to stop bills that strip LGBTQ+ Utahns of their right to live authentically and free from government overreach.

Preserving the First Amendment and the right to learn in Utah's schools.

All young people have a First Amendment right to learn free from viewpoint censorship or discrimination — and the ACLU of Utah is committed to defending this right.  We are doing much of this work inside the Let Utah Read coalition, which works to preserve First Amendment rights in Utah's schools. We vehemently oppose efforts that threaten to strip away essential components of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) from educational institutions.

Defending reproductive freedom and abortion care for all Utahns.

We will fight for the right of Utahns to access abortions and other reproductive healthcare and ensure that individuals have the freedom to make their own decisions about their healthcare.

Protecting the right to vote and ensuring Utah’s elections remain accessible.=

Voting in a free and fair election is the cornerstone of democracy. We will work to protect the right to vote and ensure that all eligible voters can participate in the democratic process.

Fighting for "We the People" Means ALL the People

To help you effectively advocate for these issues, we are launching the “‘We The People Means All the People” campaign. This campaign will provide tools and information so Utahns can advocate for critical civil rights issues during the 2024 legislative session. You can find helpful tools like:

  • Our legislative tracker allows you to engage with the bills we have identified as having the most significant impact on civil rights and liberties in Utah.
  • Our DIY Democracy initiative features resources to engage in the legislative process, for example, testimonies, op-eds, video tutorials, and other tools.

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