Media Contact

Aaron Welcher, Communications Director

January 12, 2024

At the ACLU of Utah, we vehemently oppose efforts that threaten to strip away essential components of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) from educational institutions.

Academic freedom is the bedrock of our educational system, granting faculty members and students the autonomy to research, debate, and instruct on vital topics like race, racism, sexuality, and gender without the specter of retaliation or censorship. Restricting discussions about our history or lived experiences contradicts the essence of free speech and undermines the core tenets of a thriving democracy.

DEI initiatives within educational institutions are not just optional enhancements but are crucial to our belief that 'We the People' means all the people. The First Amendment protects the right to share ideas, including the right of people to receive information and knowledge. Attacks on DEI remove important support for students of color, erase their heritage from campuses and classrooms, and ultimately lead to increased racial bias. We must protect the right, including educators' and students' rights, to talk and learn about diversity, equity, and inclusion in schools.