Welcome to the ACLU of Utah's 2019 Annual Report!

This year, we created a year-end report that provides a simple visual overview -- using a Venn Diagram -- of how our strategic priorities mesh with our many accomplishments over the last 12 months. We call this infographic: "Where (and How) We Work."

It details how our staff — which now includes 14 smart and dedicated individuals — has been promoting civil rights and liberties in Utah, including the pivotal impact of ACLU-trained poll monitors deployed to San Juan County during the 2019 election. If you appreciate the work we do, consider making a donation or becoming a member of the ACLU at the links below... 

Here is how you can interact with the different parts of the 2019 Annual Report:

Where (and How) We Work
This Venn diagram shows our the ACLU of Utah's seven strategic priorities overlap with our daily tasks and accomplishments.

Making Waves: 2019 Annual Report
ACLU of Utah by the Numbers; staff page and photo, financial information, and 3 victories achieved in 2019.

Protecting Voting Rights in San Juan County
Poll monitors trained by the ACLU of Utah played a vital role in promoting accessible and fair elections in San Juan County in 2019--learn how we did it!