Welcome to the ACLU of Utah's 2021 Annual Report!

During 2021, our legal team fought hard, and won big, in more than one case where Utahns experienced serious violations of their civil rights. These victories impact all of us as they will change the way Utahns are policed, while also providing some justice for our clients. We also created a Campaigns Department that has already mobilized Utahns to rally for abortion access, speak out against gerrymandering, and learn more about utilizing their legal rights. Looking all the way back to the 2021 Legislative Session, we stopped several bills that would have harmed civil rights and civil liberties for Utahns, and also championed significant legislative wins – like eliminating the most damaging provisions of Utah’s English-only law.

The ACLU of Utah is heading into 2022 with a fierce and dedicated team, and continues to grow! We are excited to welcome several new team members, and watch them thrive under the mentorship of our incredible ACLU of Utah staff. There is no denying that challenges await us; we hear from community members who have experienced injustices and harm every day. We also anticipate more than one attack on civil rights and civil liberties during the 2022 Legislative Session. With the support and shared dedication of our members, donors, and community partners, we will be ready to defend and expand rights and liberties for everyone in Utah.