How Utahns Organized to Fight Anti-Trans Bills in the Utah Senate

The Utah Legislature just kicked-off the session, wasting no time moving bills forward that threaten the lives and liberties of transgender youth and dismantle the judicial process. Join us at the Capitol on Jan 18 at 12pm to speak out against these discriminatory bills and make your voice heard.

On January 18th, Utah legislators heard three bills attacking trans youth and a bill taking yet another stab at restricting abortion access and messing with the judicial process. We reminded them that the well-being of all Utahns should be a priority. These bills, if passed, would restrict healthcare access and rights for transgender youth and weaken the judiciary's ability to protect the rights of all Utahns.

What bills did the ACLU of Utah Organize Around?

Senate Health and Human Services Committee Hearing

SB 16 - Transgender Medical Treatments and Procedures Amendments

  • Creates a moratorium on future access to hormone treatment for new minor patients starting on May 3, 2023.
  • Asks the Department of Health to commission a study examining the benefits and harms of hormone treatment for transgender youth.
  • Existing minor patients who are currently receiving/seeking hormone treatment before May 3, 2023.
  • Creates new requirements for providers of existing minor patients, including training, expansion of statute of limitations, etc.
  • Bans surgical procedures for transgender youth if sought as gender-affirming care.

SB 93 - Vital Records Modifications

  • Prohibits a name or gender change on a birth certificate for anyone under age 18.

SB 100 - School District Gender Identity Policies

  • Prohibits a school or school district from making changes regarding gender identity to a student's records or other information without written parental permission.
  • Continues attacks on trans youth by requiring parents to be notified if their child is socially transitioning at school, creating the very real possibly of forced outings to their families for some students.

House Judiciary Committee

HJR 2 - Joint Resolution Amending Rules of Civil Procedure on Injunctions

  • Revises the rules that Utah courts apply when deciding whether to temporarily block the enforcement of a law while a legal challenge over constitutionality proceeds.
  • Narrows the grounds for granting these emergency orders, making it more difficult for Utahns to get emergency court relief necessary to prevent permanent harm.
  • Targets the court order placing SB 174, Utah's abortion trigger ban, on hold.
  • If HJR 02 took effect and applied to all current and future injunctions, it would require Utah courts to revisit all preliminary injunctions currently in place and give the State of Utah a new basis for challenging the existing injunction against Utah’s abortion ban.
  • This resolution is being seen as a power grab by anti-abortion lawmakers in Utah who are seeking to weaken the judiciary's ability to maintain the status quo and protect the rights of people in this state.

Action –  Join the ACLU of Utah at Capitol Hill

  • Time: 12 pm
  • Location: Hall of Governors (floor directly below the rotunda in the main capitol building)
  • Address: 350 State St, Salt Lake City, UT 84103