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February 27, 2024

Dear Governor Cox,

Let Utah Read, a coalition of Utahns, educators, parents, librarians, and devoted guardians to preserving Utahns’ freedom to read, urgently contacts you regarding House Bill 29, Sensitive Materials Review Amendments. We implore you to wield your veto power against this bill, as it is a looming threat to the vibrant tapestry of ideas that should adorn our educational landscape.

HB 29, if enacted, would encourage individuals to stifle the voices of diverse authors and perspectives, casting a chilling shadow over the sanctity of our First Amendment rights. Imagine a world where schools and libraries were purged and shelves once brimming with Nobel Prize-winning authors like Toni Morrison, Judy Blume, and Sherman Alexie were left empty, depriving future generations of the transformative power of their words.

Privileging a few individuals with the ability to dictate educational content allows for the decisions in a small number of school districts to override the decisions made in every other district in Utah. HB 29 undermines the essence of local control, disenfranchising elected school boards and robbing them of their vital role in shaping curricula tailored to the unique needs of their communities. Instead of fostering an environment where students are exposed to diverse ideas and stories, this bill threatens to impose narrow, localized biases that could suffocate the spirit of intellectual curiosity.

At its heart, HB 29 represents a dangerous encroachment on our fundamental freedoms. It seeks to muzzle the voices of dissent and erase the invaluable contributions of authors whose works have enriched the educational journey of countless students over the years.

Governor Cox, we urge you to let Utah read by vetoing HB 29. Let us not allow the shadows of censorship to darken the halls of our schools. Thank you for considering the need to be unwavering in our commitment to upholding the principles of democracy and free expression.


Brittney Nystrom
Executive Director
ACLU of Utah

Paisley Rekdal
Chapter Chair
PEN Utah

Peter Bromberg
Associate Director

Patrick Hoecherl
Utah Library Association

Gretchen Zaitzeff
Utah Educational Library Media Association