Phot of Nick Arteaga the ACLU of Utah's Organizer and Transgender Rights Strategist.


Organizer and Transgender Rights Strategist



Nick joined the ACLU of Utah's team in November of 2022 as the Organizer and Transgender Rights Strategist.

Nick is a queer transmasc non-binary Chicanx from Southern California. He has been an out and proud transgender activist for the last nine years and has volunteered countless hours to the LGBTQ+ and BIPOC communities. They co-founded and chair a community council, Unidxs, to bring visibility, social events, and community building to the queer and Latinx community. Nick serves as Vice Chair of the SafeZone Foundation and as an educator and trainer.

He is a proud guncle (gay uncle) of 11 niblings (a gender-neutral term for nieces and nephews), a loving dad to a beautiful black and white tuxedo cat, Milly, and enjoys eating vegan food and spending time outdoors.