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Legislative and Policy Work

The ACLU of Utah plays an active roll in creating and guiding policies that protect and expand civil liberties in our state.

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The 2021 Legislative session begins on January 19.

Check our "Legislative Work" webpage for the latest updates

Legislative Reports

Summaries of our work during the Utah Legislature's general session every January to March

2020 Legislative Report (PDF)

2019 Legislation Report (PDF)

2018 Legislative Report (PDF)

Liberty Reporter Newsmagazine Coverage of Legislative Work

2020 Legislative Session in Review (from the Spring 2020 issue)

2019 Legislative Session in Review (from the Spring 2019 issue)

2018 Legislative Session in Review (from the Spring 2018 issue)

Legislative Session Archive

A chronological archive of all the blog posts, videos, and updates we created during the January-March legislative session

2020 Legislative Session Archive

2019 Legislative Session Archive

Lobbying Resources Guide sq 400

[NEW] How to Give Public Comment Virtually at the Utah Legislature - our new guide to testifying online during committee hearings (PDF)

[NEW] Learn how to track and follow bills during the 2021 Legislative Session with our new Bill Tracking Guide (PDF)

[NEW] How a Bill Becomes a Law - our handy 1-pager that adapts the Schoolhouse Rock icon for the Utah Legislature (PDF)

Check out this new Guide to Legislative Advocacy in Utah we created. It's a six-page "how to" guide to starting up, or stepping up, your community lobbying game at the Utah Capitol (PDF)

You can also watch a 3-minute video overview of this new guide (YouTube).

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