About Requesting Legal Help from the ACLU of Utah

The ACLU of Utah accepts civil liberties complaints and requests for assistance through our online complaint form and from mailed or emailed intake packets.

Because of our limited resources and the number of complaints and requests for legal information we receive:

  • We often have to make difficult choices when deciding on the types of issues that we can adequately address.
  • We are unable to accept walk-in appointments or answer legal questions over the phone.
  • We will try to prioritize intakes that require an immediate response, but we cannot guarantee emergency assistance.

Submit an Online Complaint Here

Common Questions About Requesting Help

How do I Request an Intake Packet?

The primary way to request legal help is through our online form. We know that people may not have easy access to the internet; in those cases, you can request an intake packet by calling our intake phone line at  (801) 521-9862 ext. 104 and leaving either your mailing address or email address. 

Submit an Online Complaint Here

Can I call to receive help?

Due to our limited capacity, our office does not accept intake information over the phone.

What if I call for an emergency?

If you are experiencing an emergency, please get in touch with another resource in your community. Our office cannot guarantee a response to emergencies, but we will prioritize online and mail intakes that require an immediate response.


Important Notice

Please note that by accepting this complaint or request for information, the ACLU is not undertaking your legal representation and is not responsible for meeting any statute of limitations restrictions in your case. 

You should be aware that there is a limited time when someone may pursue legal action, sometimes referred to as a statute of limitations. You may want to contact an attorney for advice about preserving any rights that you may have.